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  • Closing the Gap Day 2023

    I have been on my placement for over two weeks now, and things are starting to fall into place. I am placed in the Aboriginal homelessness/housing crisis sector and spent the first few days trying to understand the policies, legislation and complexity of the housing system. Homelessness is much more than people sleeping rough, it has a background involving trauma, mental health concerns, domestic violence, isolation and at times, policies that largely suit the dominant population in Australia. In many Aboriginal communities, the concept of kinship and family unit is vastly different from the definition of the western family unit. People can come down to visit and stay with each other for months. For e.g. An Aboriginal family coming down from Northern Territory to their relatives in Adelaide during the summer months. This means that Aboriginal people are often at risk of losing their homes, or rentals because of overcrowding. I find this definition to be insensitive and biased against the Aboriginal communities because we have a similar system back in my home country, where a house extends its support to the extended family and community. When we say that colonisation continues to take place in Australia, it is referring to these policies which discriminate against Aboriginal communities. In my observation, I find that these matters are often hidden from the general public, who are still to learn so much more about the Aboriginal way of life. So, when the opportunity came up, I asked my supervisor whether I could attend “Closing the Gap Day” on 16th March 2023. The event was held at the Jubilee Pavilion at Adelaide Showgrounds, a space large enough to accommodate thousands of patrons. When I reached there, I was delighted to see a large number of Aboriginal and Non-Indigenous people waiting in line to experience and support the event. When I went inside, there were hundreds of stalls with infographics, statistics and brochures on health care, aged care, disability, employment, homelessness, youth services etc. Native geckos, snakes and other reptiles were showcased to make the event interesting to a large number of school students. That view instilled hope in me for future generations as they learn more about the land on which they live in. There were also many food stalls and freebies on offer, making it a complete carnival. I would recommend every social work student to attend such events, as it opens our eyes to the scale of work left to be done. For eg., One of the most common issues faced by the Aboriginal community today is the lack of access to adequate dental and eye care. This may sound completely unrelated to the work we do. But the more I learn, the more I find how interconnected so many of the issues are. Links for more information - gap-implementation-plan-2023 Aakaash Chiramal MSW Student @ Flinders University

  • Study Support Options - @ Flinders

    We thought the best way to start the ball rolling was to include the range of Study Support Options available directly from Flinders. The information below is all available from the Student Support page located on Brought to you by FUSWA

  • First Year @ Flinders University?

    Congratulations on becoming a Social Work Student at Flinders University! The first year at Flinders can bring with it a mix of emotions. The excitement and jubilation of receiving your confirmation, knowing that you have been accepted as a university student, is often followed by the daunting reality that there is so much to do, before you even start your first lecture. It's usually at this point, many new students at the beginning of their academic journey can become overwhelmed. First year students may even start freaking out with the feeling that they have so much to do, have absolutely no idea what needs to be done, or even where to start. Whilst others may believe they are across everything, only to find a few weeks into the semester that they've missed something, only to find themselves in catch-up mode. Either way, as a student of Flinders University, you are not alone and you'll soon discover that 2nd, 3rd and even 4th year students can sometimes feel the same way at the beginning of a new year, as you do right now.'s not all that scary! You will soon discover that university brings with it a whole world of support, be it from the College (including staff), your FUSWA Team, FUSA, or the student community (your peers). As a new student (or even if you are a returning student who just needs some guidance), we have put together a few things below to aid you in your academic journey. CEPSW Firstly, the best place to start is to reach out to the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work (CEPSW) and chat with the enrollments team about Study Plans. Study Plans are the road map to topics and what direction to take should you need to change you course structure, or just know what you need to do each semester. We highly recommend students send through an email at the end of each semester to get their Study Plan updated. Reach out to CEPSW and organise a meeting in person, or over the phone. They will be able to answer the majority of your questions and provide amazing support throughout your academic journey. CEPSW contact information - Email: ​ ​Telephone: (08) 8201 7800 FUSWA Reach out to the Flinders University Social Work Association (FUSWA) and ask for help. The FUSWA Team are made up of students at different stages of their degree, and pathways (BSW & MSW), and have been exactly where you are right now. Connect with FUSWA - O'WEEK Come along to O'Week and make sure you visit the various stalls, and events. This fun week, starting at the beginning of every semester, provides you an opportunity to meet other students, the FUSWA Team, and attend events that give you a great kick start to your year. O'Week @ Flinders FUSA The Flinders University Student Association (FUSA) provides a range of support to all students. The Committee, made up of students from different disciplines, are always on hand to help. Connect with FUSWA STUDENT SOCIAL MEDIA You have a range of Facebook Pages, Messenger and Chats to join that can help you connect with other Social Work Students. FUSWA Facebook Page Flinders University Social Work Students Join the Social Work Students Messenger Community Chat Masters of Social Work at Flinders External Students BSW Online Discussion Forum Overheard At Flinders University FUSA Flinders University Student Association If you discover other things that help you, let the FUSWA Team know and we can include them on this Blog. But for now, we hope this helps, and you have an awesome experience at Flinders! The FUSWA Team

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  • Apply | Flinders University Social Work Association | Bedford Park

    THE FUSWA STUDENT COUNCIL APPLICATION Join FUSWA FUSWA Committee Member Application Nominate Yourself and Become a Student Committee Member, or Student Representative of the Flinders University Social Work Association (FUSWA). ​ To apply, you must be enrolled in the Degree or Masters of Social Work at Flinders University. ​ Previous experience as a volunteer, club or association member is not essential, as this role will provide you with the necessary skills to be a Student Council Member. Please note, although you may officially hold one title, you will be expected to collaborate with other Committee Members, or Representatives within FUSWA to help on all Initiatives, Campaigns, and Projects we strive to deliver to Social Work Students across all year levels. Representative Roles To apply for a Representative Role, you MUST identify with the Role you are applying for i.e., be a First Nations Student to apply for the Indigenous Students Representative Role, be an International Student to apply for the International Students Representative Role. The 1st Year Representative is open to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Masters Students only, as this role provides help for new students and university experience is required. Our Mission is to support all students studying Social Work at Flinders University, whether they be on campus, online, or international. Thank you for taking the time to Submit Your Nomination to become a Committee Member of the FUSWA Team! ​ The application will take approximately 2 - 3 minutes to complete. Application & Committee Membership Terms By becoming a Committee Member, I will follow FUSWA protocols and policies (e.g. FUSWA Constitution) . Joining requires minimal commitment, but we do need clear communication ahead of time if unable to fulfill duties. Attending General Meetings (GM's are usually fortnightly) either in person (preferable) , or via video conferencing. Attend the Annual General Meeting (held once each year). FUSWA is an Academic Association, hence, a degree of respect and professionalism is required when completing duties, interacting with other Council Members, and students. If I need help in my role, I will reach out to other Members and Representatives. Remember, we are a Team and support each other! First Name Last Name What is your FAN (Flinders email)? Phone What Social Work year level are you in? Choose Year & Pathway Which Role(s) are you interested in? President (Executive Role) Education Officer (Executive Role) Treasurer (Executive Role) Secretary (Executive Role) Vice President Social Activities Officer Social Media & Communications Officer Blogger & Content Writer (multiple roles) General Committee (multiple roles) First Year Students Representative (open to 2nd year+ students) Indigenous Students Representative Queer Representative Disabilities Representative International Students Representative (multiple roles) Online Students Representative CEPSW Student Representative (BSW or MSW) FUSWA Volunteer (non-Council Member Role) Please note: If applying for a Representative Role, you must identify with that Role. Why do you want to join? Where did you hear about Committee Member Roles? Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Twitter You were asked to apply by FUSWA Another student told you about FUSWA I agree to the Application & Committee Member Terms whilst serving in Council. Submit Application Thanks for submitting your Application! A FUSWA Team member will contact you soon to discuss your Submission.