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FUSWA Committee Member Application

Nominate Yourself and Become a Student Committee Member, or Student Representative of the Flinders University Social Work Association (FUSWA).

To apply, you must be enrolled in the Degree or Masters of Social Work at Flinders University. 

Previous experience as a volunteer, club or association member is not essential, as this role will provide you with the necessary skills to be a Student Council Member.

Please note, although you may officially hold one title, you will be expected to collaborate with other Committee Members, or Representatives within FUSWA to help on all Initiatives, Campaigns, and Projects we strive to deliver to Social Work Students across all year levels.


Representative Roles

To apply for a Representative Role, you MUST identify with the Role you are applying for i.e., be a First Nations Student to apply for the Indigenous Students Representative Role, be an International Student to apply for the International Students Representative Role.


The 1st Year Representative is open to 2nd, 3rd, 4th and Masters Students only, as this role provides help for new students and university experience is required.

Our Mission is to support all students studying Social Work at Flinders University, whether they be on campus, online, or international.

Thank you for taking the time to Submit Your Nomination to become a Committee Member of the FUSWA Team!

The application will take approximately 2 - 3 minutes to complete.

Application & Committee Membership Terms

  • By becoming a Committee Member, I will follow FUSWA protocols and policies (e.g. FUSWA Constitution).

  • Joining requires minimal commitment, but we do need clear communication ahead of time if unable to fulfill duties.

  • Attending General Meetings (GM's are usually fortnightly) either in person (preferable), or via video conferencing.

  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (held once each year).

  • FUSWA is an Academic Association, hence, a degree of respect and professionalism is required when completing duties, interacting with other Council Members, and students.

  • If I need help in my role, I will reach out to other Members and Representatives.
    Remember, we are a Team and support each other!

Which Role(s) are you interested in?

Please note:
If applying for a Representative Role, you must identify with that Role.

Where did you hear about Committee Member Roles?

Thanks for submitting your Application! A FUSWA Team member will contact you soon to discuss your Submission.

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