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We understand that everyone's journey at Flinders is very different and sometimes you might need a little extra support to achieve your study goals, or simply to manage life in general.


Whether you have come straight out of high-school and are at the very start of your Flinders journey, or returning to study after a long break away, we're here to help you to be successful.


Being student's ourselves, we want to share our own personal experiences to help students.

As a Student Association, we endeavour to provide students resources to help.


FUSWA have created some tools we hope will help you throughout your academic journey...

Health & Wellbeing Providers • Student Study Blog • Social Media Platforms • Student Forum


A student’s 'wellbeing' is identified as happiness, satisfaction with, and their general feeling towards education, which is commonly a result of physical, mental, emotional, and social factors. ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘mental health’ are often interchangeable even if they are not necessarily interrelated. Wellbeing is commonly linked to a student’s emotional experience, whilst mental health refers to a student’s psychiatric diagnosis.

A student’s 'wellbeing' is as dynamic as it is changeable, and effects how they function, learn, and achieve. To help students with their academic journey, and even life away from campus, Flinders University offers a great range of support services to assist students to develop resilience and happiness within themselves, their relationships, and their experiences at university.

In addition to services provided by Flinders, there is a myriad of local and national providers, offering services online or in person, which can help students overcome issues or problems encountered during their life.

We have endeavoured to provide a list of services we believe are important to be aware of, however if there are services that you feel should be included, please let us know.

List of Health Providers is current at the time of website development (January 2023). Please inform FUSWA should any provider information change so our Team can update relevant details.  Thank you.


As a university student, you will be constantly learning about learning. Throughout your academic journey, you may discover new ways to study, or change how you study, adjusting and adapting along the way.


Reflecting on strategies that work, or don't work, are key in helping you towards academic improvement.


We hope you will discover some helpful hints and strategies located on our Study Support page, and don't forget to let us know what works for you by emailing our team or sharing your success story on our social platforms.


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