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Field Placement

The in's and out's of Social Work Field Placement


Updated November 2024

Ok, you've hit that point in your degree and need to get ready for Field Placement. Whether you're a BSW or MSW student, we've put some basic information together that we feel will be helpful, and hopefully ease you into the process.

Firstly, what is Placement?

Field education is important to social work education. It is a required component of all undergraduate and postgraduate social work programs in Australia and a compulsory element of your studies outlined by the AASW.

Field placements are organised learning experiences in which a student is put in an agency or community to work on specific activities under the supervision of a social worker, and the Flinders field education staff.


The material offered here is intended to help students in navigating what's involved in the field education placement process, and hopefully make it a little easier for you to achieve a successful and gratifying placement experience.

Basically, we've tried to provide you with the basics and what you need leading up to, and whilst you are on placement.

From the FUSWA Team, good luck and enjoy the experience!

Holding Books

Work Integrated Learning Support (WIL) – Social Work

CEPSW WIL Office: (08) 8201 5410

College of Education, Psychology and Social Work

Education Building, Level 4, Room 4.69

GPO Box 2100 | Adelaide | South Australia | 5001

Pre-Placement Steps

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Step 6.

Step 7.

Grants & Scholarships


Topics You Need

Before placement, you need to have completed all prerequisite topics. To check what topics are required, we recommend reaching out to a College of Education, Psychology and Social Work (CEPSW) administrative officer and let them prepare a topic study plan for you.

(08) 8201 7800

Level 4, Room 469, Education Building 
Bedford Park, SA 5042

  • Working with Children Check

  • Aged Care Sector Check

The WIL Support Team will initiate these checks on your behalf. DHS will then email you - follow the instructions in the email to complete the process. Upload evidence of your clearance to InPlace.

DHS Screening and background checks

SA Gov logo.jpg

Screening Unit checks overview and details

  • Safe Environments Certificate

Child Safe Environments training is to be organised by you. It is mandatory that you take training in order to understand your obligatory notification requirements while dealing with children and young people. The National Guidelines for Child Safe Organisations are in accordance with this.

We strongly recommend gathering a group of your fellow peers to organise this training, as this may provide you a group booking discount.

FUSWA may organise this training via a third party provider, but is dependent upon time constraints and training provider availability.

Safe Environments Training in detail and where you can book training

Human Services logo.jpg

(school based placement)

Complete the Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect: Fundamentals Course and upload a copy of the completion certificate to InPlace.

The course type is self-directed, online and provides essential knowledge set when working in schools.
Running time: 2 hours and is FREE to do.

Fundamentals course: Responding to Risks of Harm, Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care

  • State-based Working with Children Clearance

(all interstate placements)

Different states and territories have their own clearances required for working with children. Please refer to instructions from the WIL Support Team if you don’t already have a clearance relevant to your placement location.

More info from SA Gov site

Please ref to relevant state for detailed information

SA Gov logo.jpg
  • State-based Mandatory Reporting

(all interstate placements)

Different states and territories have their own mandatory reporting requirements. Please refer to instructions from the WIL Support Team if you don’t already have a clearance relevant to your placement location.

Mandatory Reporting Guide 

  • All Other Checks

  • Aged Care

  • SA Health

  • NDIS

  • COVID-19 Vaccination

Please refer to your Social Work – Pre-Placement Checklist provided by email from the Placement Team.

It is your responsibility to be aware of what checks you require. If you have any questions, please refer them to the WIL Support Team. They are there to help you!

Social Work Placement Requirements

Flinders Website

Visit the Flinders University Social Work Placements webpage. This contains detailed information for all students going on Field Placement. This is your go to page for your questions, links & detailed requirements.

Preparation for your placement experience

Pre-Placement Checklist

Placement Document

To assist you with the pre-placement process, the Pre-Placement Checklist will be emailed out from the Placement Team. This document contains the following information:

  1. How to update your Student Information on InPlace.

  2. How to complete your Compliance Requirements for Placement, and

  3. How to prepare for your Placement Interview.

2024 Pre-placement Checklist

Example only and may be out of date

Please check your email for updates

Essential pre-placement checks

Compliance Checks

Mandatory for Placement

Here's the list of mandatory compliance checks you need for Field Placement. But please check your email from the Placement Team ensure you have the most recent information and what checks are required!

Essential pre-placement checks

  • National Police Check Application

Provide a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) Check. Must include ‘Unsupervised Contact with Vulnerable Groups’ and be located in Aged/Health Care Sector.

  • Are you working or volunteering with children? (tick)

  • Will you have contact with Vulnerable Groups? (tick)

  • Check Type - Individual Concession (IC) (tick)

  • Reason for Check - (IMPORTANT TO WRITE)


SAPOL Check - Application Example ONLY

  • Placement Guides

  • CEPSW Work Integrated Learning


Rural, interstate and workplace-based placement guides.


Community development placements.


Residential aged care placements.


SA Health placements.


School-based placements.

Placement Sessions

  • by the WIL Team

  • by the FUSWA Team

Keep an eye on your emails for the WIL Support Team information session they run. This provides excellent information on your placement requirements.

FUSWA try to provide Placement Sessions each semester, but these are subject to Council Member and Academic Staff availability. 

If you miss a session, check our past recordings from the FUSWA Placement Sessions we've run. Be mindful that things change, and these sessions are for historical context. We recommend attending current sessions.

2024, S1 - Placement Preparation Information Session Presentation Slides (5/10/2023)

FUSWA YoutTube Channel

InPlace Student Portal

Personal Details

Document Uploads

Student Information Required for Placement

Information required for EPSW - Social Work Compulsory Compliance - for All Students.

  1. To access InPlace, log into your Okta Dashboard and select the InPlace icon. (If the InPlace Placement System is missing from your Dashboard, you may need to contact Flinders IDS on 08 8201 2345.)

  2. Once you have logged into InPlace, select your FAN in the top right corner of the homepage and then select ‘My Details’. [Staff & Students]

  3. Scroll down the page to locate the section ‘EPSW Social Work Student Information’. This is the section you need to update by

  4. Complete all relevant drop downs to ensure your details are up to date, including areas of interest.

  5. Upload ALL documents into this portal before the deadline outlined in the email from the Placements Team.

The WIL Support Team will check and approve valid compliance items or reject wrong ones via InPlace. Students can resubmit the right compliance item, and comments are supplied to explain why it was denied. Please check your InPlace on a regular basis for any compliance that may have been denied. You will be unable to begin placement until you have met the compliance standards.

InPlace logo.jpg

Student Placement Portal

Compliance Checks

Based on Preferences

List of additional compliance checks based on your Placement preferences. Please check your email from the Placement Team ensure you have the most recent information and what checks you need to do!

FUSWA Toolbox

For heaps of downloadable resources, visit the FUSWA Toolbox. We might have just what you're looking for!

Flinders Scholarships

FUSA Grants

InPlace Deadline

Start the compliance process as early as possible!

But if you don't have what you need in time?

Request an online extension.

Problems or Concerns

Before or during Placement?

Discuss with your placement supervisor first.


If they can't resolve it, contact the WIL Support Team.

Need Help?

It's OK to ask for help!

If a problem or concern is harming your well-being, reach out to a counsellor.

 8.45am - 5pm

+61 8201 2118

Out of Hours Help

Flinders University

Out-of-hours Crisis Line.


Weekends / Public Holidays

5pm - 9am

1300 512 409

Txt Msg. 0488 884 103

look at each other

Now that you have all the pre-placement steps taken care of and uploaded everything you need into InPlace, what's next?

"Your Placement Interview"

Here's what we suggest and some information provided to students by the WILL Team to help you increase your chances and maximize your potential.

Placement Interview

The basics of what you need to know