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Website Launch


22 Mar 2023

Brand New Website Design & Features!

After months of redesign, countless hours of tweaking, debugging, and just fiddling around with it, we finally have our Brand New Website! With the launch of our new website, you will see some familiar pages and faces, but also discover new features including -

  • a Student Study Blog - helpful information to get you through your degree (provided by members of the FUSWA Student Council and our FUSWA Content Writers/Bloggers),

  • a Student Forum - set up for all students to have a place to share, add helpful hints, or just somewhere to leave their own individual mark,

  • a Toolbox - downloadable PDF's we hope will provide you direction, support and just some good reading,

  • a Library - providing a complete list of all textbooks located at the FUSWA Space for all students,

  • Members Area - showing who's who on the FUSWA site. Like and Follow their posts, or gain your own following with posts you make on the site,

  • Application Area - simpler way of reaching out to FUSWA and nominating yourself to be part of our Team,

  • Loyalty Program - providing you opportunities to get hold of a FREE Coffee Vouchers!

We hope you love the new look, new features and the new FUSWA website, just as much as we do!

If you have any suggestions, want to know more about site features, or just want to add your own touch to what we've created, reach out to us.

The FUSWA Team

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