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Student Committee Member

Students who serve as Council Members within the Flinders University Social Work Association (FUSWA), dedicate their time to be the voice of social work students at Flinders University, whilst they themselves study either the Bachelor or Masters of Social Work.  FUSWA - Run by Students, For Students.

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Join the FUSWA Team

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Get involved with FUSWA.

FUSWA is run by volunteer Social Work Students who are dedicated to supporting their fellow peers through their academic journey at Flinders University.

The Team fosters an amazing sense of collectivism and every Role is an integral part of the CEPSW Academic Association.

Serving as a Social Work Association Council Member looks great on your Resume (CV), and LinkedIn Profile to prospective employers Post Degree!

Or just become a FUSWA Volunteer, and help us out when you can.

It also goes towards your Horizon Points.

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We Want YOU
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