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Student Committee Member

Students who serve as Council Members within the Flinders University Social Work Association (FUSWA), dedicate their time to be the voice of social work students at Flinders University, whilst they themselves study either the Bachelor or Masters of Social Work.  FUSWA - Run by Students, For Students.

Keshiya Kamaladasa

General Council Member

Hi everyone!

I'm Keshiya, a Masters of Social Work Student here at Flinders.

I am excited to be part of this journey again with you in 2023.

I study full-time, work part-time, and volunteer here around the College.

Though relatively new to the field of Social Work, I have experience working in the helping professions prior to attending Flinders.

I am also big into music, video- and tabletop-games, spicy food and making new connections.

Don't be shy and come say hi!

Contact -

Keshiya Kamaladasa
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