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Updated: Mar 18

We are just beginning our journey in providing students what we feel is high quality, valuable information to assist them towards academic improvement, and hopefully help all students discover some great skills along the way.


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As this is our very first FUSWA Student Study Blog post, we thought the best way to start the ball rolling was to include the range of Study Support Options available directly from Flinders. The information below is all available from the Student Support page located on

Study support

This service provides students help with things like academic writing, basic mathematics, referencing, Endnote, and general study skills.

Academic Advocacy

This service provides help with re-marks and re-submissions, grade appeals, academic integrity issues, issues with University staff and remission of student fees.


This service provides online study help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive feedback on draft assignments and have the option to a live chat service with subject specialists, even while you’re on semester break.

Mindfulness for Academic Success

This is a 5-session program providing the tools on how to use mindfulness to improve your studies.


If you need to access a librarian or FLO support, need study spaces (including 24-hour), want to use computers, view past exams and online collections (including databases and eBooks), including physical materials like books, videos, or special collections, visit the Flinders Library. Photocopying and printing services are also available at a small fee.

Book a Librarian

If you need help with search strategies or finding resources within the Library for your assignments, book an appointment with a librarian.

Online Library for Researchers

Are you a Ph.D. candidate or enrolled in the Master’s Degree by Research? Access workshops, HDR inductions, one on one appointments, literature and systematic review support, research, and advanced searching consultations with this service.

FLO Help

When even you need help using FLO, look at your FLO help pages or call the FLO Student Helpdesk on 1300 354 633 and select option 3.

Learning Lounge

Visit the Learning Lounge to receive one-on-one help with your studies from academic advisors. They also help with writing, grammar, basic maths, and Endnote.

Online Study Guides

To help you with writing, exams, referencing, maths, English language and general study, head across to the online study guide resources.

Student Representation

Student representatives help shape a student’s learning experience. Visit FUSA and meet your representative or become a rep and help your peers.


Dealing with procrastination and study avoidance? Use this program to access psychological tools necessary to help you tackle these problems.

Need to find your way around campus. Here's the downloadable Campus Map PDF.

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