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Frankie Barker

Social Welfare Officer

Hi, I'm Frankie and very excited to be elected as the Welfare Officer & Secretary.

I'm in my 2nd year in the Social Work degree, studying full-time, & employed casually with an Aged Care facility.

I aim to work within the young adult mental health sector, as I've always had a passion for wanting to be a supportive shoulder for my peers, & hope to transition this into a career where I can make a difference.

I'm planning to be on campus a lot so I can be available as a trusted person you can talk to about any issues dealing with university or life in general, opening up conversations around mental health, inclusivity & any other issues you'd like talk about.

Hopefully I can help all students & become a friendly face for many of you!

Contact me on email -

Marble Surface
Frankie Barker
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